The time has come.

It is upon us.

It… is fall.

The season of warm colors and cool temperatures has graced us with its presence and with it – college football, fuzzy socks, flannel shirts… And of course, no one can forget the crown jewel of fall: Halloween.

Here at Midtown Crossing, we do Halloween a little differently! plays host to the cutest costume party around: Tricks for Treats. This puppy party brings out some of the most playful dogs in Omaha. To help curb your anticipation for this year’s event on Sunday, October 23rd, we have compiled a list of 8 adorable dogs in even more adorable costumes. Feel free to gasp and coo at these pictures. (We did!)

Have you ever seen a cuter cheerleader?!

This is by far the sweetest looking tootsie roll on Earth.

All of a sudden we are craving burritos…

To be completely honest, we don’t know what costume this is. But it’s adorable.

CHEESEBURGER?! Maximum cute-ness has been achieved.

It’s another miscellaneous beast. We are TERRIFIED!

No need to fear, Batman is here! Or Batdog? …Or Dogman? Whatever it is, we are saved!

The pictures speaks for itself.




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