Raise the Ruff & Welcome Long Dog Fat Cat

Midtown Crossing’s newest retailer, Long Dog Fat Cat, has officially opened. We sat down with Store Manager Eric Nault to help you get your paws on all the details about the store below!


Where in the world did this name come from?

The name was chosen because the owners have dachshunds and they also had a super fat cat! What better way to name a business?


Why did they open the store?

Long Dog Fat Cat was opened in July of 2009 by Kazu Gotoh and Indre Seibutyte. Their goal was and our goal still is not only to provide a good product, but to educate pet owners about healthy living and nutrition. 


Okay great, so what do you sell?

Long Dog Fat Cat specializes in providing premium product at an affordable price. We have an excellent selection of high-quality dry, canned, raw, and dehydrated food, as well as treats, toys, accessories, and homemade bakery items.


Did you say homemade bakery items? How do you do that?

Everything we make is baked and frosted in-store (nothing is brought in frozen) and the ingredients we use are up to par with the rest of our products. You’re not going to find any corn, wheat, soy, by-products, or cheap fillers in our bakery items. From the bakery, you can expect fresh, locally sourced, creative, handmade cookies, cakes, froyo, pies, and other treats.


So you are just a pet food store?

We are a pet food store and so much more! We also provide stress-free grooming, online ordering, drive thru pickup, and delivery. The goal is to make it as easy for the customer as we can. 


Sounds like you do it all. Why should I choose you though?

I feel like what sets us apart, ultimately, is our customer-oriented mindset. It’s not just something we say to get people in the door - we actually strive to make their experience enjoyable because we value them as people, not only as customers, and we value their pets as well. We believe that all pets should be able to have healthy, happy lives - that starts with good nutrition. 


For more information on Long Dog Fat Cat, stop by the store in Midtown Crossing or give us a call at 402-933-4517.


P.S. Midtown Crossing is proud to be a pet-friendly community. Pets are welcome in our apartments and condos. Several Midtown Crossing restaurants offer County-approved Dog-Friendly Patios. Turner Park is a great venue to walks – we even have doggie waste bag stations in the park! See you (and your four-legged friend) soon!



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