Q&A with The Corky Canvas' Ashton Porter 

With The Corky Canvas/Corky Boards recently celebrating their 7-year Midtown Crossing Anniversary, we decided to sit down with general manager Ashton Porter to reflect upon all the fun and exciting things that Corky Omaha has accomplished this far! 

Introduce yourself.
Hello! I’m Ashton Porter, manager of Corky Canvas/Corky Boards
in Midtown Crossing!

How long have you been with Corky Canvas, and what was it like
when you first started?
I have been with Corky Canvas/Corky Boards since the very beginning – seven years ago! At the time, I looked at as a fun job to get me through college. Here we are, seven years later and I am so glad that I stayed! At the beginning, everything was so new: a completely different concept and unique experience. We also LOVE being located in Midtown Crossing, it is such a vibrant part of the city! 

Can you explain what goes on at Corky Canvas/Corky Boards to someone who has never experienced it before? 
We teach you how to paint while you clink! Our instructors guide you every step of the way throughout your class. You can choose between the Corky Canvas – our classic paint and sip OR Corky Boards – our wine and sign studio. You are sure to uncork your creativity at both options! Here at Corky Omaha, our classes are a great way to spend time with friends and paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

What are some of your newest specials or things that are coming up at Corky Canvas/Corky Boards? 
We are changing our calendars this summer with all NEW class ideas and specials! Keep an eye out on our social media @CorkyOmaha and check out our calendar at CorkyCanvas.com. Many exciting things in the works here! 

Do you have to be skilled in painting to take a class?
Not at all! Whether it’s customized stencils or step-by-step instructing, we got you! Many people who come to our classes have little to NO painting experience – that’s what our instructors are there for! It’s all about having FUN and surprising yourself with your artistic and creative abilities.

Where do you and your instructors get the inspiration for the painting designs? 
We find inspiration everywhere, but a large amount of that comes from our customers!! They constantly give us design ideas and what they would like to see in future classes. We genuinely appreciate every idea we receive from our customers and always put those into consideration when planning future classes and events. 

What is your favorite painting or board you have designed? 
There are way too many to choose from -- but here are a few of my favorites!




If someone is interested in taking a class or scheduling one for a group, what should be their first step?
Go to our website: www.CorkyCanvas.com! All the information and class schedule can be found there. Galleries show you our projects and the calendars show you the class times. Click on the class and follow registration to sign up! We can’t wait to see you SOON! Mention this blog post for a free bottle of wine. 🍷  


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