Krab Kingz Seafood:
Get Ready to Get Crackin’

Ever since opening in September, Krab Kingz Seafood has been drawing the crowds – lines, many days, are out the door. Once you get a seat, get ready to get crackin’. You’re going to experience a southern seafood boil elevated by a time-honored family recipe.

We sat down with General Manager Allyn Lindsey to see how the experience has been so far.

"It’s booming,” Allyn tells us. “We want to make sure the food is quality, that we’re bringing our customers the best service possible, and that everyone leaves here happy.” 

 What brought you to Krab Kingz?

 “I’m from down south. I’m used to being in a big area where there are lots of seafood options, and we don’t have that here in Omaha. So, I thought Krab Kingz was a perfect place to work because people want seafood – good, quality seafood.”

What’s your favorite memory so far? 

“The first day they opened. We’d all worked really hard to get the space ready – and we prayed over everything.”

What’s your best-known dish? 

 “People love to come in as a group and buy two or three of our ‘#1 – Loaded Platters.’ Everyone just digs in and shares.” (The #1 - Loaded Platter, which can feed 2-3 people, includes three crab clusters, two pieces of sausage, shrimp, corn, potatoes and a whole egg.) 

What’s the origin of Krab Kingz?

“Brandon Martin started Krab Kingz in Houston, Texas. Craig Scott franchised from him and expanded into Missouri and Nebraska. Craig’s planning to open a second location in Omaha and one in Lincoln.” 

What’s your favorite part of being located in Midtown Crossing and Midtown Omaha?

 “We are a black-owned business so it’s good to be in an area where there is a diverse crowd; we can bring Krab Kingz to everybody. It’s busy in Midtown. There are a lot of activities going on in Turner Park. We just felt like it’s the perfect place to be, right here.”

Krab Kingz Seafood is located at 3157 Farnam Street, between Arlan’s and Definitive Vision. Specialties include snow crab, shrimp and fish plates served with potatoes, sausage and corn on the cob + five different butter sauce options: original, Cajun, honey garlic, lemon pepper and spicy. 


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