Artifact Bag Co

Started in 2010 by owner, Chris Hughes, Artifact products are handmade in Omaha, NE using domestically sourced materials whenever possible. Many products incorporate vintage, new old stock fabric and hardware. All products offer a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials. Buy it once!

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Heather Kita 


Jewelry can be symbolic, an heirloom, a commitment, a memory but most importantly jewelry is an outlet for individual expression.

Forever inspired by nature, owner Heather Kita creates wearable art that compliments the natural forms of the crystals and gems in her work.  Whether it be a bold or subtle statement, the bearer OF these pieces will FEEL an immediate connection with Heather's creations. 

Heather's jewelry has been featured in numerous local fashion magazines; online boutique Cisthene and Lark Books, 500 Wedding Rings.

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Black Iris Botanicals


Black Iris Botanicals hopes to provide clean and natural alternatives to cosmetics and body care, meant to nourish the physical body as well as adorn it. They source local, native, and ethically-harvested materials from around their home in Omaha, NE.

Each product has a carefully conceived recipe made from raw ingredients from local growers, fields, and forests, many foraged and harvested by their own hands.

Currently, Chelsea is the maker of {bib} products. a native omahan, Chelsea is an aspiring herbalist, certified permaculture practitioner, and home gardener. She follows the cycle of the moon, adapts to the change of seasons, and infuses each small batch of herbal products with care of the earth and the people who will use the products.

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 Workshop Unknown


Founded in 2010 by partners Shelby DeButts, Joel Holm, and Veronica Rodriguez- the concept behind the company’s work is very simple. Their ideas are a combination of their own personal style, and a fusion of creative ingenuity drawn from their knowledge and background in art, architecture, and design.  A shared passion of creativity, and a strong commitment to expert craftsmanship is what resonates deeply to Workshop Unknown’s core philosophy. The team approaches design from a form meets function standpoint, but a firm belief in impeccable quality, and fine detail in creating a lasting worth is significant.

The company has translated these values into the localized production of custom developed products such as furniture, unique millwork installations, and completely remodeled interior/exterior spaces through use of digital technology. The unyielding search for profound ideas has allowed them to maintain a fresh vision and the ability to grow and assimilate to new and everyday challenges within the built environment. Inspiration is drawn from contemporary art, youth culture, and the everyday way of life in Midwest Nebraska.

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Did I Kill the Queen


Handmade jewelry with a natural aesthetic using feathers, leather, stones and chains. Made in Lincoln, NE.

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Wild Wash Soap Co


We started making natural soap and skin care products because most of the products available in stores contain ingredients we don't want to put on our skin or into the environment. Ingredients like triclosan, parabens, phthalates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and fragrance oils are just a few of the commonly used synthetic chemicals that we think are of health and environmental concern. Most other soaps also contain palm oil. While palm oil is a natural ingredient, the way it is harvested contributes to deforestation, habit loss and carbon emissions, which is why we choose not to use it.

Our products are made with high quality plant oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. You will never find any fragrance oils, palm oil, or synthetic chemicals in our product.

Wild Wash Soap Co. is a small batch soap and skin care company established in 2014 in Kansas City, MO owned and operated by Sarah Preu.

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The Object Enthusiast


Owner, Emily Reinhardt, aims to find the artful in the ordinary. Since discovering ceramics in college, she delights in creating vessels that will become heirlooms for the modern traditionalist.

Her ceramic work is characterized by earthy imperfections, a range of shapes that emerge organically, and playful, irreplicable patterns. She wants her pots to be multifunctional; what one person uses as a planter another may use as a home for tiny treasures.

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Happy Habitat


Eco-friedly, recycled cotton throws designed by Karrie Kaneda out of KC.


Tyler Kingston


A husband and wife team who make industrial modern furniture and wood goods. They specialize in working with boutiques and shops to create unique furniture items that will help set your brand apart from your competition and individuals who desire a unique way to organize and decorate their home, office or loft space.

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Owner, Liv Grant goal is to create beautiful, functional, sexy and personal works, sharing her artistic perspective with her customers through hand crafted materials made in America.  Every product is crafted from materials sourced from American companies.

She currently offers hand dyed and constructed natural fiber table linens, fabric manipulated pillows, leather goods, nail + string wall art and custom weavings.  Fabric manipulation by dying and sculpting fibers to transform a two dimensional object into a three dimensional work of art, quality construction and attention to detail are her top priorities.  She is inspired by nature and finds art in everyday life, from her dip dyed tableware that was inspired by rain sheeting down her window, to her nail + string motorcycle wall art inspired by road trips through Nevada's Death Valley desert. Her outlook led to her hand crafted business, liv+work.

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Fontenelle Supply Co


Fontenelle Supply Co. is comprised of four lads who call the Midwest home and want to preserve the heritage of their grandfathers. Located in Des Moines, Iowa, we specialize in handmade leather goods sourced from All-American materials.

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Finding Iowa


Finding Iowa is inspired by the owner's journey in findingher home in Iowa and doing what she loves most. Making the world around her beautiful. Past inspiration. Modern décor. Antiques, home décor & inspiration for the way Iowans live in today’s modern world.

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