Greetings from The Afternoon!

Graduation Edition

The Afternoon Globe

Just in time for graduation, meet the Mova Globe. Sure, it’s nice to receive practical stuff like towels and curtains but we†can help you send your newly minted graduate into the world with a gift full of magic (well, science). You may have seen these neat little objects in the shop before, spinning all on their own, each perched atop an acrylic stand. How do they work? The secret is a sphere-within-a-sphere, a super-strong magnet, a light-powered motor… and magic. Come check them out in person! Mova Globes are $160 and come in a variety of map designs.

Speaking of graduation, The Afternoon would like to officially congratulate the class of 2019! From elementary school to all of our newest doctors and dentists, good work! We’re proud of you! To celebrate, your favorite local business would like to bestow upon you three gifts:

First, a basket of fortune. A Good Luck Three-Legged Pig is a Chilean symbol of friendship and good will, handmade with love. Here’s 50 or so! We can’t actually give you all of them but we can give you this photo of all of them and we’re pretty sure the luck still applies.

Good Luck Three-Legged Pig 

(If you need one in real life, they're $6.95 what a steal!)

Next, some wit. Keep this joke in your back pocket and bust it out when you need to make new friends! What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsssh. You’re welcome, we found that one on a candy wrapper. Finally, a decorating tip. It’s a trick we use in the shop! Perhaps it will make moving a little smoother. Art is pretty easy to hang when there’s one hook on the back, but what if there are two? Here’s how to get everything nice and even just like we do at The Afternoon. 

You’ll need a hammer and nails, scotch tape, a marker, and a level (or a device with a level app, like we’re using in this example).


Stick a looong piece of tape between the hanging points. Make a dot with your marker over each one.

Afternoon, Tape Marking 

Place the tape on the wall where you want your art and reposition until it’s just right (use your level).

Afternoon, Level with phone 

Drive a nail into each dot.

 Drive nail into dot

Hang your art. Brilliant, you’re a pro! Now get out there and conquer life!

The Afternoon Shelf 


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