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Wedding Season Edition

It’s wedding season and you’re invited! You’ve returned your RSVP, now it’s time to pick out that gift. Don’t want to stick to the ol’ Bed, Bath, & Beyond registry? Do you just know you can do better than a set of matching towels? Of course, you do, you shop at The Afternoon! And just in time for all those summer weddings, your favorite local boutique introduces Sincerely, Sticks. 

If you visited our Westroads location in the 90’s you may be familiar with Sticks object art: bright, inspirational, wooden decor like mirrors, side tables, and chairs, all handmade, hand-etched, and hand-painted in Des Moines, Iowa. As you might imagine, it takes a lot of hard work to create a Sticks piece and since one item can cost a few thousand dollars (or more), our Sticks offerings often had more... "in-store appreciators" than buyers. That’s why we were thrilled when the folks at Sticks gave us some great news: using a printer the size of a small car, they were able to create lower-priced versions of their most popular designs. Now, instead of a $2500 Sticks lazy susan, we can offer a Sincerely, Sticks version that’s under $200. Same art, same beautiful color, carefully transferred and sealed directly to the same birch or poplar wood in a standard Sticks piece… but for a fraction of the price!

For $45 to $55 you can pick out a 6” x 6” or a 9” x 9” plaque we carry art for cooks, animal lovers, families, and more. We also carry decorative crosses ($85), photo frames ($95 - $138), clocks ($150), and those aforementioned lazy susans ($173 - $198). If you’re thinking you want to gift something more extravagant you’re in luck: we recently received a few art boxes ($150), mirrors ($165), canvases ($450), and perpetual calendars ($495). Of course, if you really want to do it up, we’re always more than happy to order you an original Sticks piece.

While we’re thinking about gifts, have we ever wrapped one for you? Did you wonder how we did it? Want to give it a try on your own? If you’re feeling adventurous, gather some supplies -- here’s the secret, passed down through the years, from your favorite local gift shop...

You’ll need:
Your gift, packaged in a regularly-shaped box
Wrapping paper
Double-sided tape
Eucalyptus or other dried flowers
String or a measuring tape
Pencil or pen (optional)
A large, flat, empty surface to work on like a dining room table or a hardwood floor

1. Use your string or measuring tape to figure out the length around the entire box hold your place with your finger

2. Unroll this much paper and add a few inches for wiggle room - cut - this is your paper piece.

3. Lay your box on your paper piece on the left, leave enough paper so if folded, the paper would cover about half the distance up the left side of the box. On the right, eyeball (or mark) about the same distance half the distance up the right side of the box. Carefully cut on the right up to the entire length of your paper piece.


4. Line up your box evenly between the two sides and scoot your box toward you leaving the majority of the paper in front of you. Use double sided tape to adhere the paper an inch or so over the edge of the side of the box closest to you.

5. Flip the box around and pull tight! Wrap the paper around the box until there’s a floppy edge that overlaps the side of the box that was originally closest to you.

6. Make a crease in your paper there, then use the crease as a guide to fold the paper under.

7. Use LOTS of double-sided tape to secure the paper right at the fold, right at the edge of your box.

8. Tuck your ends in, pulling to make crisp corners and tucking all of the edges as far up to the box as they’ll go.

9. Use LOTS of double-sided tape to secure these.

10. Your ribbon will have to go around the box TWICE - measure this much and cut.

11. Wrap your ribbon one way, then the other way, and tie a knot.

12. Onto the knot, place stems of eucalyptus or dried flowers.

13. Tie a bow, securing the plant accents to your present.

All done? Good job!
Not all done? Confused and frustrated? Totally understandable! Pick out your gift at the shop and let us wrap instead!


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