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Mother's Day Edition

Flower Diffuser

Just in time for Mother’s Day, meet Spongelle’s newest diffuser, Floret. Tired of the same ol’ reeds-in-a-bottle-of-oil but still want a beautiful, non-flammable alternative for amazing room scent? This kit includes a white ceramic base, oil, and a white hand-sewn flower made of tapioca fiber. Fill the base, set your fresh floret inside, and watch over the next few days as the essence of the oil infuses all of its petals. As a neat bonus, you can even see the oil color the petals of the flower as it’s absorbed. Each kit lasts about eight weeks. Floret kits are $59 each and come in your choice of three scents. 

You’re welcome to check out these neat little gifts whenever you want (well, any time during business hours), but if you time your visit right, you can come to our Mother’s Day shopping party! Friday May 3rd to Sunday May 5th we’ll be offering 15% off everything all weekend.

Mother's Day Cards

We’ll have chocolate to snack on from our friends at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! We’ll have free gift wrap! You can even enter to win dinner with our new neighbors, Modern Love a whole $100 worth of our favorite swanky vegan comfort food! Not every gift for Mom needs to cost money, though. In case you didn’t know, there’s a huge variety of mothers on staff here at your favorite local gift shop—moms of kid-kids, grown kids, grandkids, and all manner of fur-babies. To them, we asked: what’s a gift you’d love that costs nothing at all?

  • If you cleaned the bathroom I would probably cry tears of joy
  • Remember: we do not climb into bed with wet feet
  • Please eat your eggs the first time I give them to you
  • I would like guest room beds that magically change their own sheets
  • I know you are intentionally throwing away food so you can watch raccoons on the porch. Now they are trying to live in the attic crawl space so I would love it if you encouraged them to stop
  • Quit following your brother just so he’ll fight with you
  • I would love it if you lowered your voice when giving me your opinions about your food or the weather being insufficiently warm and sunny
  • Stop waking up early to secretly eat the cat’s food

Need more help figuring out what to get your mom? Come visit us and we’ll do our best to find something perfect!

Mother's Day Cards

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