Greetings from The Afternoon!

Games Edition

Whether you’re making new friends in a dorm or hanging out on a patio drinking cold drinks, let your favorite local gift shop maximize your fun with our huge selection of games! We have classic games for indoors and outdoors like ring toss, cribbage, and dominoes. We have jigsaw puzzles. We have family board games. And for those of you wanting something edgier, we carry a wide array of internet-inspired party games. Behold, our most popular: What Do You Meme, 4-Bidden Words, and New Phone Who Dis.


What Do You Meme ($36) challenges your group to match short phrases to internet meme images for the most inappropriately hilarious (sometimes just inappropriate) result. In 4-Bidden Words ($30), you’re tasked with guessing pop-culture words or concepts but each word comes with a list of four (of the most helpful) adjectives you cannot use. Think about it… could you describe “twerk” without the words “butt” or “shake”? Finally, New Phone Who Dis ($25) is another matching game where players pair their “reply” cards with “inbox” cards to create funny text message exchanges. The power is yours! Decide where the conversation goes when it starts with “Hey can I crash with you for a few days? I think my cat’s mad at me and I need some space from her.” 

And don’t worry! If you’d rather borrow than own, come down to Midtown Crossing anyway so you can stop into Spielbound. Spielbound (our neighbor one block south of us) is a board game cafe, a nonprofit lending library of 2400 games (and counting). They’re open seven days a week, just like us. We guarantee you’ll find something unexpected to play. 

In the meantime, while you decide the best way to spend your day, take this device far away from children and let’s try out What Do You Meme, 4-Bidden Words, and New Phone Who Dis.


What Do You Meme

Take a look at the photo. Only one person writes this blog so I bent the rules and chose five possible matches for you. Which one do you think is the funniest? It’s subjective and I’m the only other player so we win regardless!


4-Bidden Words

Turn to someone near you who is an adult that you know relatively well. Tell them you’re trying out a game you read about in the blog of your favorite boutique, The Afternoon (you don’t have to say our name but we’d love the free advertising). Here are a six “buzzwords.” For each word, can you describe them well enough that your partner can guess them? Remember, YOU CANNOT USE ANY OF THE FOUR WORDS ON THE CARD.


New Phone Who Dis

Take a look at the “Inbox” card. In real life you’d be playing in a group but again, it’s just me pretending to be five people. Choose the “Reply” you think creates the funniest text message conversation. This one’s subjective too so everyone wins again! Good work! We’re great at this! 

Want to keep playing? NEED one of these games? Come see us! We’re easy to find in Midtown Crossing - next to the parking garage on Farnam Street, across from The Grey Plume and Culprit Cafe!



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