Get to Know Vanita Lund

“Vanita’s proven track record of success combined with a heartfelt, fervent passion for the midtown community makes her an ideal professional who can lead Midtown Crossing into the final stage of Condominium sales.  

– Joe Schmidt, President, East Campus Realty

About Vanita Lund,
Sales Manager, East Campus Realty

Vanita Lund began her real estate career in the condominium sales office in 2009 while Midtown Crossing was still under construction. She used a scale model and hard hat tours of the rising development to sell units initially. She closed the first Midtown Crossing condo sale on February 28, 2010, three months before the neighborhood’s grand opening. 

“It has been so much fun watching a vision become reality,” says Vanita. “What Mutual of Omaha did in developing Midtown Crossing was a true gift to our community. They transformed midtown Omaha into a thriving neighborhood where people now want to live, work and play.

After five years in new condo sales, Vanita transitioned to condominium re-sales at Midtown Crossing. In March of 2020, Vanita accepted the role of sales manager with East Campus Realty, the Mutual of Omaha subsidiary that owns and operates Midtown Crossing. Vanita is represented by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - The Good Life Group.

“I thought it was wonderful that so many people never even knew I left – because I am always there,” said Vanita.

Vanita and her husband John Lund, founder and CEO of The Lund Company, have been married since 2004. They have a combined family of seven children and 12 grandchildren. Vanita says she loves being a grandma and spending as much time as possible with family.

When asked about the most rewarding part of the job, Vanita said, “definitely the wonderful people I have met!  I have loved getting to know the home owners, property management staff, the maintenance folks and everyone who is a part of Midtown Crossing.” She adds that she would not trade her years at Midtown Crossing “for anything in the world!  In fact, people are always asking me if I live here and I say, kind of!” 



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