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When people are not talking about parking, we know we got it right.

At Park Omaha, we have made it our mission to ensure a smooth, easy parking experience for all Omaha residents and visitors. To show our gratitude, we are providing a discount code for one free parking session at a meter when you use the Park Omaha app. Here is how it works:

  1. Park at any meter and follow the directions within the app to pay for a parking session.
  2. Once a session is purchased, click on the “Session Options” tab on the “Active Sessions” page.
  3. Click “Discount”, enter the code and your fee will be zeroed out.
  4. The code is valid one time only.
  5. All parking regulations still apply. You may only stay at your meter for the maximum amount of time posted on that meter.

If you are not a current Park Omaha App user, download it for free on your Apple or Android phone and take advantage of special deals like this one as well as other benefits including alerts regarding your session and the ability to pay your meter remotely.

We hope this offer will provide one more pleasant parking experience for all who use it!

Park Omaha Discount Coupon

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