Four Apartment-Hunting Tips for Dog Parents

Adopting your dog was a big decision and now he or she has become family. Looking for your next home is hard enough, but now you have to keep in mind about your four-legged children. When you’re looking for dog friendly apartments in Omaha, look no further than Midtown Crossing. We’re proud to be a dog-friendly community!


Dog - 1

A scenic walking route

There’s nothing worse than your pets being confined to four walls all day without being able to let out some of that energy outdoors. Look for a route that is entertaining to both you and your pets. Midtown Crossing is connected to Turner Park – a seven-acre backyard which hosts nearly 150 events year-round. Sure, the summer months are great… but with the holiday season just around the corner, all of the Turner Park trees will be soon lit in white lights! 10/10.


Dog - 2

Dog-friendly neighboring businesses

Finding a new favorite restaurant is so much fun… until you realize that they don’t allow dogs on their patio. Look for a community where the neighboring retailers welcome pets.

  • Midtown Crossing restaurants Cantina Laredo and Black Oak Grill are official doggy-friendly patios of Midtown Crossing. 
  • Long Dog Fat Cat is a locally-owned pet store in Midtown Crossing, which also offers pet food delivery to your door.
  • Staff at local gift shop The Afternoon are likely to greet Fido first (and then you!).


Dog - 3

Other dogs to socialize with

You want to be where the other dogs and humans are, right? In Omaha, that place is Midtown Crossing. More than 30% of apartment residents share their space with a four-legged friend, so you’re guaranteed to meet other dogs and humans in the hallways and elevators, and out on your walks!


Dog - 4

An extra set of hands

We’ve all been there… those days when you simply can’t get away from work and your poor pup is cooped up inside all day. *Cue the hourly pet cam checks.* Set-up on site, Counterparts Concierge can help pick up the slack in the dog-walking schedule! Heck, they’ll even deliver your take-out to you when you do get home so you have more time with your dog!



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