Fashion Cleaners Anytime Takes Garment Care Into the Future with New 24/7 Locker Location at Midtown Crossing


Fashion Cleaners recently opened its first 24/7 Dry Cleaning and Laundry Locker location, Fashion Cleaners Anytime, in the popular and trendy Midtown Crossing area. The location will provide dry cleaning, laundry, household, and specialty item cleaning via 24/7 accessible lockers.

The locker concept modernizes a tedious, yet anxiety-ridden chore of dropping off and picking up garments before close – and is aimed at people with busy lifestyles who enjoy the convenience of 24/7 availability, without sacrificing the quality of premier dry cleaning services.

This innovation in dry cleaning and laundry works flawlessly and painlessly, thanks to Fashion Cleaners’ use of a revolutionary POS and software system that incorporates a barcode inventory system.

How it works:

  • To use a locker for the first time, both new and existing customers simply text “lockers” to 402-275-4922.
  • Customers will receive a code via text message to enter the building and links to a web app for both new and existing customers. 
  • The customer then chooses any empty locker, scans the locker barcode, locks the locker, and places the order. 
  • The customer’s items are then picked up from the locker and delivered to the main Fashion Cleaners dry cleaning facility. Upon arrival, the items are photographed, inventoried, and checked in. Customers will receive a text message or email to confirm the order. 
  • Once the order has been processed and delivered back to the lockers, the customer receives a message (which includes the locker number and access code) that the order is ready for pick-up. The order can then be retrieved whenever it’s convenient for the customer. 
  • Upon pick-up, Fashion Cleaners will charge a credit or debit card on file, so no additional actions are required from the customer.

“As time has become an increasingly valuable commodity for consumers, the demand for services meant to make everyday life more efficient continues to rise. Understanding this trend, Fashion Cleaners has focused on strategies to work with the garment care needs of both professionals and busy families,” said Fashion Cleaners owner Kermit Engh. “Fashion Cleaners Anytime 24/7 Dry Cleaning & Laundry Locker location in Midtown Crossing is a revolutionary step in adding on-demand convenience to the Fashion Cleaners brand of premier garment care services.”

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