Electric Scooters Arrive in Midtown Crossing

San Francisco has them. New York City has them, too. Now it is Omaha’s turn!

As you may know, Omaha recently launched an electric scooter pilot program. Within hours, dozens of lime green vehicles arrived on sidewalks, including here in Midtown Crossing!

With a quick download from the app store and a scan of the QR codes on the handle, these electric scooters are yours to ride!

Want to practice your balance when riding these? Build your scooter confidence on 31st Avenue (the street surrounding Turner Park)!

To and from a quick Wohlner’s run? Scooter!

A little something to do after a movie at Alamo Midtown? Scooter!

The perfect complement to your Cold Stone Creamery or Thirst Tea treat? Scooter!

Interested? Come check out the Omaha by Design launch event on Thursday!

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