Decorating Your Small Space

Whether you’ve just moved in to your midtown apartment or condo – or are trying to make the most of your current living space, there are many ways to take advantage of limited square footage by compensating with creativity. This season, deck the halls (and more) with fun, funky touches to your current décor. Here are a few fun ways to spice up your apartment or condo this holiday season:

  1. Let there be light!  Nothing fills the room during a dark winter night like glowing LEDs and candles, so guide Santa home to an array of twinkling lights. Classic candlesticks placed in windowsills harkens an age-old tradition of lighting up the night. However, if candles aren’t for you, any strand will do. From tiny twinkle lights to bright glass bulbs, there are endless options to spruce up any nook. Simply hang various strands over door frames, around shelves, and through décor to brighten up every corner of your home.
  1. Stimulate the senses. Sometimes, the smell of Frasier fir is all you need to get into the holiday spirit. Pick up a holiday scented candle from The Afternoon or Hutch for an instant dose of Christmas past.
  1. Add to what you have. Those holiday cards from friends and family are meant to be seen! Instead of piling meaningful holiday sentiments in a box or drawer, hang tags and festive cards for a sentimental twist on typical décor. If that isn’t for you, however, wrapping paper is another way to showcase your individual style while saving a bit of cash. Grab a sheet or two of festive wrapping paper from hutch and use it to create foldable snowflakes! Hang them on walls, windows, or other empty nooks that need a touch of festive color.
  1. The un-tree. Feeling like Charlie Brown this Christmas? Tuck a few sprigs of fresh greenery into sturdy vessels for your own DIY take on a Christmas tree. No ornaments? Duck into the Hutch and The Afternoon for any tiny adornments that catch your eye! If you simply don’t have the space, try creating your own sticker tree by using tape and holiday decals to form your own funky DIY Christmas tree!
  1. Food that’s festive. Wohlner’s always has fresh produce and holiday eats. Why not use them for more than one purpose? Pomegranates in a festive container make for a holiday twist on a bowl full of lemons, while providing an excellent snack that is rich in anti-oxidants. If you want to get truly crafty, a gingerbread house doesn’t necessarily have to be hand baked. Instead, use graham crackers and white chocolate to create a miniature gingerbread house that fits in any cranny.

And – just like that, with a few simple touches, your midtown apartment or midtown condo is ready for the holiday season.


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