Call for Artists Now Open for Omaha’s First-of-its-kind Chalk Art Festival


Omaha, Neb. – Midtown Crossing is inviting local artists to channel their unique creativity into an engaging, live art event – midtown Omaha’s first-ever Chalk Art Festival. Artists interested in participating should visit for application details. 

An eye-popping addition to the city’s arts and culture landscape, the Chalk Art Festival is set for the weekend of Saturday, July 28, and Sunday, July 29. Visitors, at no charge, will be able to observe and admire as artists transform sections of sidewalk along Farnam Street into pastel chalk masterpieces.

Chalk art festivals are really a celebration of community – and they’re such vibrant, colorful events,” says artist and community arts activist Michael Rieger. A Madonnari (professional chalk artist) for 15 years now, he has led chalk art festivals in Denver and Reno and is consulting with Midtown Crossing on the Omaha event.

The deadline to submit an application is Monday, June 25. Select local artists will be joined by 2 Madonnaris who will be creating art of their own throughout the weekend. 

“Chalk art isn’t only about the finished product,” Rieger says. “It’s really a performance-based art form. You’ll see how the artists build the images and how those images come to life. It’s kind of mesmerizing.”

New to Midtown Crossing and Omaha, the chalk art festival concept is tremendously popular around the world – from Monterrey, Mexico, toCurtatone, Italy. In addition to seeing vibrant chalk art emerge before their eyes, midtown visitors will be able to enjoy live music, food, drinks and shopping on an activated Farnam Street.


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