Audience demands encore as Keith Frank wows Zydeco Festival

Thousands of attendees danced the night away in Turner Park during the Zydeco Festival, presented by Sprint, on Saturday, June 23. 

The 4th annual festival brought the best of the bayou to Midtown Crossing for a full day of fun! The event included several popular Zydeco musicians and many Cajun and Creole dishes ranging from NOLA shrimp to deep-fried alligator from Midtown Crossing restaurants.

It took no time once the festival kicked off for the crowd in front of the stage to break in the dance pad. The Prairie Gators opened at 3 p.m., followed by Cubby Carrier at 5 p.m., and headliner Keith Frank at 7 p.m.

As Keith Frank finished the last song, he was met with jubilant chants for an encore set.

“One more, please! Just one more!” One dedicated fan shouted. 

The magical night was paired with perfect weather and plenty of Mardi Gras beads and New Orleans hurricane cocktails to go around. 

Keith Frank is one of the most well-known Zydeco musicians from Louisiana. He is the biggest name to headline since the Zydeco Festival’s debut three years ago.

The signature Midtown Crossing festival is just one of more than 150 events hosted in Turner Park each year. When you’re looking for things to in Omaha, be sure to check out Midtown Crossing.



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