Anderson O’Brien Fine Art’s brand-new exhibition, Forestry (by Rebecca Hermann & Jim Butkus)

This exhibition will run May 7th through June 30th, 2021

Exhibition and Artist Details:

Forests are magical and functional, frightening and familiar, dynamic and decaying, intricate and vast, visible and invisible, dark and light. They have been enduring sources of inspiration for this photographer and painter couple, as each of their artistic processes, through various travels, has led them to experience these qualities and translate them into visual forms. 

Rebecca Hermann is a painter, animator, explorer, decoder of the universe. She holds an MFA in painting from Cranbrook Academy of art in Bloomeld Hills, Michigan and teaches animation and computer graphics at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. She is continuously dazzled by her process of choreographing acrylic on canvas, paint and ink on paper, and movement of painted paper pieces. She enjoys dividing and combining her time between the complementary thought processes of both analog and digital investigation, and allows herself to be surprised by a variety of outcomes: prints, mobiles, animations, paintings, etc. 

Jim Butkus lives in Omaha, Nebraska, where he teaches photography at Metropolitan Community College. He received his undergraduate degree at Creighton University and attended graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been a working artist during the last 30 years and has participated in over 50 individual and group exhibitions held throughout the United States since 1980. He has also been the recipient of Nebraska Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts regional fellowships. His work is held in various public and private collections including the University of Nebraska, Indiana University, Wright State University and the George Eastman House. 


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