Officer Torrey Gully

Officer Torrey Gully

Omaha Police Department
End of Watch: January 16, 2013

A 9-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department, Officer Torrey Gully built a reputation as a devoted husband, father, friend – and protector.

Officer Gully served as a uniformed patrol officer assigned to the Southwest Precinct. A fitness enthusiast, he collapsed during a morning workout on January, 16, 2013, and was later pronounced dead at Omaha’s Methodist Hospital. His death, say friends and co-workers, was a blow for the Omaha community. Officer Gully is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Permanent Location:  HorsemEn's Park

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Glenda Larson Musilek has actively pursued an interest in art from her earliest years. She was fortunate to have art teachers who further fueled that interest and helped develop her talent. Museum visits made possible by an art teacher, introduced her to the world of fine art. That same teacher encouraged her participation in art classes offered at the art museum with guest artist/instructors.

Later, after attending Omaha Art School, she worked as an artist for a large corporation and was subsequently promoted to a supervisory position of the art department. During those corporate years, Glenda actively pursued her painting, belonged to local art groups, entered local art shows and joined a cooperative art gallery. She also took time to participate in numerous art workshops with local and nationally known artists such as Claude Croney with his energetic watercolor landscapes, Barbara Nechis with her soft watercolor florals, Zoltan Szabo with his wonderful watercolor landscapes, Daniel Green and his fantastic oil and pastel portrait demos and workshops,. She absorbed what each offered with their special skills and worked to apply that knowledge to her own art. She continues to study art workshops, books and videos on an ongoing basis to further develop her knowledge and improve her skills.


Horse Artist Glenda Musilek

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